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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Quilter's Christmas Party - Final Recap

Gosh, has time flown by and I'm just now able to share insights about the Quilter's Christmas Party.  Well, you may  have read my post that did share a few photos and insights from the virtual and physical party, and, I did share insights about who won amazing door prizes, but it took me longer than planned to be able to do the raffle drawing for the virtual party.  Needless to say, I'm delighted to let you know that all raffle prize and golden ticket prize winners have been selected.  Prizes at the physical party were taken home, but today I get to also recognize the winners from the virtual party.

SewCalGal wishes to thank the following Sponsors that have generously donated prizes for the Quilter's Christmas Party:
ASF/Lightware Solutions/The Reading Light (Beam N Read), Kelly Jackson of I Have A Notion (IHAN), Island Batik,  Martingale
MyMemoriesAmerican & Efird LLCSewEZI QuiltingLark CraftsCozy Quilt DesignsCraftsy, Judy Chain of Sew Fun QuiltsNew Leaf Stitches, Rebecca Goldsmith of  Piece O' Cake DesignsFabric.com, Ebony Love (Love Bug Studios) and Lily Patch Quilts.

Both the physical and the virtual Quilter's Christmas Party were held on Sunday, December 9th.    Everyone that attended received a Door Prize Ticket just for coming.

DOOR PRIZES - announced in December

Gosh, have I been going thru shipping tape!

Congratulations to all of the lucky raffle prize winners who won one or more prizes!


Barbara N.
Bonnie C.
Cyn F.
Dana G.
Deb Plummer
Donna M.
Gabrielle R.
Jane B.
Kathleen C.
Kathy D.
Terrie S.
Nina Lise M.
Nina Marie S.
Mary B.
Michele F.
Thearica B.
Liz Smith
Marilynn W.
Martha B.
Patricia D.
Rina M.
Ruth J.
Theresa S.
Wendy K.

Ann C.
Barbara P.
Beth N.
Bobbie Z.
Carol I.
Jeanne S.
Joe C.
Judy S.
Bobbie Z.
Kathy F.
Linda N.
Linda T.
Lindsey P.
Lynn C.
Lynn W.
LuAnn B.
Marissa T.
Michaelanne G.
Rebecca J.
Shanley M.
Sheila R.
Susan G.

Typically, I try to recognize who received each prize, but it was difficult to maintain such a log while hosting the physical party, so I decided to simply list all the winners.  Sorry...I didn't even get a picture of winners with their prizes at the physical party.  I guess I should have had a volunteer camera person to help.

But, this is a picture of one of three deliveries to the post office.  Within these packages are yummy fabric bundles, thread packs, Beam N Read Lights, quilting books, gift certificates and more!

And, shouldn't all Christmas presents be a surprise even if they arrive late ?


Congratulations to Bobbie Z. for winning the Golden Ticket Prize Bundle at the Physical Party.

And, to Pat (Quilting Babcia) for winning the Golden Ticket Prize Bundle at the Virtual Party!

Ok, since I let you know who won the Golden Ticket Prize gift baskets, I'll also share a few more prize winners:

Craftsy donated a class of your choice to three winners who are:
Nina Lise M.
Shanley M.
Michelle F.

MyMemories donated three copies of their fun Version 4 software and the three winners are:
Dana G.
Kathy D.
Terrie S.

Lily Patch Quilts donated two patterns, one each to the following winners:
Lindsay P.
Missy A.

Sew Fun Quilts and Judy Chain's ETSY store donated a yummy red jelly roll and the winner is:
Rina M.

The Quilted Kitty donated two $25 gift certificates, one each to the following winners:
Liz S.

The rest of the prizes were wrapped and will hopefully surprise and delight all the lucky winners.

Thanks to those that purchased raffle tickets, sponsors that donated prizes, and sponsors that purchased advertisement space on my blog (funds were given to Operation Homefront), while my goal was to raise $1,000 we raised $2,020 for Operation Homefront!  And, they were very appreciative to receive these funds!


And, as we had so many generous sponsors, as well as some that donated last minute, as well as winners that generously declined to accept their prize (to help further raise funds to benefit Operation Homefront), SewCalGal will be announcing a Silent Auction Fundraiser to benefit Operation Homefront.  This announcement will be released early this coming week.

Please don't forget that Operation Homefront is a Nationwide non-profit program that focuses on helping E1-E6 ranks in emergency situations, as well as wounded warriors as they exit the military and need help while they recover and until they can manage on their own.  These are situations that are not covered by a government program and other family members are unable to help.

Be proud everyone.  This fundraiser helped to make a difference in the lives of many military families and wounded soldiers who are in need of assistance.

Thank you to all!

Big Quilty Hug,


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Kim said...

Congrats SewCalGal! I wish I could have joined in the fun. Maybe next time :-)

paulette said...

WOW!! You are AMAZING!! How you kept track of all this was incredible! And a THANK you to all of the wonderful sponsors for helping to make this event such a success!! Well done, everyone!!

Terrie Sandelin said...

I have been wanting that MyMemories software for quite a while now. Can't wait to begin playing! Thanks so much!! What a big job this was for you -- you've been just amazing!

Quilting Babcia said...

Wow! I was completely amazed when the large priority box arrived yesterday and I found out I had won the Golden Ticket Prize Basket of goodies!! Amazed and delighted don't even begin to describe the feeling. Congratulations and a big thank you to you SewCalGal for hosting this wonderful fundraiser for Operation Homefront!

Nina Lise@Mrs Moen said...

I won a Craftsy class? Thank you so much, that's just what I wanted!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations everyone!

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

What a wonderful job you did!!!

I volunteer to be your photographer cuz I love to take pix. You don't need to pay me a cent for taking the photos but I will require a villa of my own with an automobile...ROFL :)


Inch Worm Fabrics said...

That is such a wonderful thing you have done. I know it was a lot of hard work .... you are amazing.