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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pinterest: Good Pinners vs Sinners

Even if you don't use Pinterest, I hope you'll read this and complete the short survey.

#1 Is this a example of a Good Pinner or a Sinner ?

#2 Is this an example of a Good Pinner or a Sinner ?

Have you read the "My Pinterest Pledge" on Sew, Mama, Sew! ?

Please complete the following survey, regardless if  you use/do not use Pinterest.

Thank you for completing this survey.  SewCalGal will share a summary of this survey, along with insights on good vs bad pins and why it matters, early February.

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Brenda said...

thanks for this. I'm realizing it's futile to ask people not to pin, because I can ask them to be good pinners instead of pinning sinners. thanks for providing a clear example of good pinning.

Dawnmarie's Life said...

I can't tell from the image if either is a good pin. On the first one, at least the notes tell who did the quilting, but if you look at the weblink, I seriously doubt it actually goes to the original source, so I'd call that not a good pin.

The second one has a similar issue with the website link and doesn't even try to give credit.

I'm not always great about putting the name in the notes on the pin, but I always try to make sure that the pin goes to the actual source. I've been trying not to repin anythint that doesn't go to the source although I haven't gone back yet and checked old pins.

LynCC said...

Drives me nuts when folks pin without putting the name of the artist(s) for the work being pinned. For one thing, it's just rude. For another, I really want to know so I can follow up more about the artists! It can be a fascinating journey.

old hippy chick said...

The comment field of a pin is just that, a comment field. You can only tell if it's a good pin or a bad pin by checking to see that it goes to the source.

Cassandra said...

I came across your blog post on the Quilter Blogs RSS feed. I'm not sure how to answer your survey...

Pin 1 - Not sure if the link goes back to the original source but the description is good.

Pin 2 - The link probably doesn't go back to the original source either but I see nothing wrong with the comment.

When I pin, I try to verify that clicking on the picture takes you back to the original blog post or website. But I use the comment section for my own comments, sometimes naming the designer and sometimes I don't. Some of my comments look exactly like Pin #2.

Cindy said...

I can't tell either just from those photos. To me a good pin goes to the original source.
Also for me the comment section is to help remind *me* of why I pinned it in the first place. I'm commenting to myself. I started boards to organize what used to be my bookmarks. If someone who is looking at what I pinned is interested in knowing more then they can click on the image and get to the original source...thus why I make sure it goes there.
That being said, I do try to include the artist/blog name cuz I know folks are concerned about that.

Anonymous said...

The NOT so amusing thing, and sad thing, is that the 2nd one is JAN KRENTZ, an internationally recognized quilt author and teacher.

And the picture she pinned is immediately recognizable as one of Geta Gramma's beautiful Shadow Trapunto quilts.

Not cool, Jan, not cool.

Anonymous said...

Seems all the other pins by Jan's are properly referenced and linked.

And I don't see the picture you have there now, so it was (maybe) recently deleted.

And that concludes the 2nd time I've been on the Pinterest site.

Marcia said...
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Dawnmarie's Life said...

After searching Pinterest this morning, I can find other postings of that same Lime Squeeze quilt - they all link to a blank removed picture, not the original source, although it might have been there when they pinned it.

I can also find the exact same picture as the second one pinned by others and every single one I found went back to Geta Gramma's album. So they seem to be going back to the source. Seconding what many have said, you have to click the link to tell if it's a good pin or not. And this exercise tells me I better check my older pins to make sure they still link back to the source because that source may no longer be there. Hence the importance of curating.

Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I don't Pinterest, but, I do copy and paste some pictures from some blogs, but, I ALWAYS include the link to where I got the picture. If I ever use that idea, then I go back and let them know, and thank them. Most times I try to ask permission BEFORE I use the idea, even if I am going to make some major changes to it.

Deb said...

I'm very new to Pinterest, and really don't know which is good or bad. I picked #1 as good since it listed a name via another name. But I seriously don't know. It will be interesting to find out how I'm supposed to pin.