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Monday, November 19, 2012

Doodle Quilting, by Cheryl Malkowski

Doodle Quilting: Over 120 Continuous-Line Machine-Quilting Designs, by Cheryl Malkowski, published by C&T Publishing, is a great reference book for anyone interested in learning a variety of free-motion quilting designs.

Cheryl provides several drawing exercises for quilting motifs that you can trace to get the feeling of the design.  She shares insights on a way to create a tracing technique that gives you the feeling of guiding a quilt through your machine.

This book is targeted as a "beginner's guide to free-motion quilting", but SewCalGal recommends it for beginners that have learned the basics of free-motion quilting (e.g. how to drop your feeddogs, type of feet to use on your machine, needles, threads, stitch length, and some level of actual FMQ stitching. To clarify, a  newbie might get lost with seeing continuous-line designs, not knowing the basics of FMQ. Still this is a handy book for those confident quilters that want to learn FMQ, as well as beginners that have some basic FMQ skills, along with those experienced FMQ quilters that want more design ideas.

Designs are categorized by:

  • travelers: loops, scrolls, flame, bark, echoes, ec.
  • hooks (question marks), swirlies (aka spirals)
  • boomerangs: leaves, fruit, flowers,
  • other doodles: hearts, ribbons,
  • feathers
  • embellishments
  • ensembles: a unit or group of designs
  • making it fit: which shares insights on how to apply designs to your quilt

Each design has a good visual with arrows and short description on how to stitch out this design on your projects.

SewCalGal hopes you get to check out this book at your local Quilt Shop, C&T's online store, or at Amazon.com.

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Raewyn said...

I had seen that this book was nearly out and wondered if it would be a useful one to have - it sounds great! I need to put it on my wishlist!!

Crooked Gulley Art Quilts - Mary Couch said...

Mine is on the way from Amazon. I'm working on a large quilt filled with memories from a recent trip to Italy. I've used Stonehenge Marbles to recreate some of the Duomo marble floors and look forward to some great free-motion ideas in the Doodle Quilting book.

Janet O. said...

Great idea for DH to give me for Christmas--after I buy it for him to give me. : )

Ariane said...

This book looks like it would give me great ideas for quilting!! I'll have to check it out further!!

Ivory Spring said...

I NEED that book!!!!! Thanks for the heads up.

Judy Chain said...

Thanks for the review. We can never have enough books for more ideas.

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

Now there's a technique that sounds like me...doodling...thankfully it didn't say doddeling! LOL

Sounds like a great book...thanks for the review :)


Judy Chain said...

Let's try it again....thanks.

Mary Ann said...

Just in time for Christmas! Thanks for the tip.

Carol Bledsoe said...

This is exactly what I need! The timing is perfect. I have a quilt to quilt and need interesting background quilting. This should give me some great ideas. Ordered it from Amazon. Will be here Monday.Thanks so much!