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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Fall De-Stashing - For Sale

Fall officially arrives on September 22nd.   Like Spring, this is a great time for quilters to take time and look at what they have in their sewing room, which they may not be using and want to de-stash.  You may want to sale a few items, or negotiate a trade.  Either way, the Fall De-Stash Sale, hosted by Fingertip Shopping, could be a great way to de-stash.  Simply visit Fingertip Shopping for more info on how you can increase awareness of items in your sewing room that you'd like to de-stash, and/or follow the links to do some shopping and find some great finds from fellow quilters on items that they'd like to de-stash.

Here are a few items that SewCalGal would like to de-stash from my sewing room.  I am setup to handle PayPal payments via my email address, but before you initiate a transaction please email me and wait for confirmation from me that we've agreed on price and shipping expenses.  I will also accept payment via check, but ultimately, buyers will need to pay for shipping.  My estimate for shipping is that all of these items are only good deals if they are shipped within the US, so International inquiries will be the last which I respond to.  I do recommend that all inquiries be patient as it may take awhile for me to respond to your questions, or viable offers.  But, I'll do my best to respond to every inquiry for the Fall De-Stashing Sale, especially for items that I have in my sewing room and want to de-stash.

{above} 30 - 5" Fussy Cut tropical prints of 100% cotton. $6.     *** sold ***

{above}190 - 5" charm squares of pastels & spring theme fabrics.  $12.  ***sold***

{above}serger thread, coats & clark, 3000 yard spools 20 spools 10 unopened packaging. $12.  ***Sold***

{above} AccuQuilt die #55009  3" HST triangles.  New die, Never Used.  List $29.99.  Asking $19.50.  Will ship in Medium Size flat rate box, or regular postage estimated at US $8 for US only.

{above} AccuQuilt #55016 Triangle – Isosceles 5”x6  NEW  die. List $34.99 Asking $26.  Will ship in Medium Size flat rate box, or regular postage estimated at US $8  for US Only.

{above} "New" very soft fleece throw that has been machine embroidered with a nautical motif.  Flaw in the machine embroidery where the red sail is as a white star should be centered in the red sail.  While this is a "second" it is still a cute throw.  $10. Ths will fit in a flat rate envelope for shipping in the US.

{above} Floor Lamp (Ott-Lite) in great condition.  Retail $180 asking $65.  This is a non-shippable item, so you must live in So. Cal. and be able to pick up if you are interested.

{above} Portable table light (Ott-Lite) in good working condition, but older.  Retail $100 asking $25.  This will fit in a flat rate medium size box for shipping in the US. *** sold***

{above} 20+ spools of Coats & Clarks Hand Quilting Thread. $6.  Will fit in a medium flat rate shipping box, with plenty of room.  ***sold***

{above} Rubbermaid collapsible rolling tote.  Great cart  for carrying sewing supplies to class, retreats, etc..  Lightly used.  $12.   note: Not a practical item to ship, as it doesn't fit in a flat rate package. Thus, you need to be able to pick up this item in So. Cal. if you are interested.  This cart was lightly used to tote AccuQuilt products for giving demonstrations.

{above} New padded tote bag, never used. Perfect bag to carry a small portable sewing machine. $20   Never used. Purchased this tote  to carry my Janome Gold Sewing machine, which I sold before I ever had a chance to use this tote..  It would work well to transport many small sewing machines, as well as sewing supplies and tools.  Not an item that fits well in flat rate packaging, so not an item to be shipped. To clarify, the buyer should be located in So. Cal. and able to physically pick up this item if they are interested.

Don't forget to visit Fingertip Shopping and check out the linky where you can add a link to share insights on items you would like to de-stash, as well as links to find some super deals by others that have items they'd like to de-stash.  Buy outright or negotiate a trade.   

Feel free to email me if you have questions.

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Frog Quilter said...

Would the padded tot carry a featherweight? Thanks

Kathy in GA said...

I have the same question! And where in SoCal are you? My son is in Glendale (LA)

SewCalGal said...

Note to Kathy in GA - Your settings are such that I can't not send an email reply to you, so not sure you'll see this.

Check this post out for info on how to change your settings: http://sewcalgal.blogspot.com/2012/08/public-blog-followers-and-more-tips-for.html

I'm ~1 1/2 hours away from Glendale.


Mom said...

I am interested in the rubbermaid tote - wondering if you are close enough for me to pick it up. I am in South OC

Mary Ann said...
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SewCalGal said...

note to Mom:

Your settings are such that I can't send you an email reply, but you can email me at SewCalGal ( AT ) live ( DOT) com

Check this post out for info on how to change your settings: http://sewcalgal.blogspot.com/2012/08/public-blog-followers-and-more-tips-for.html