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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

New MOBILE Website for Quilters

While attending the recent IQF Long Beach Show, I had a chance to take a look at a new MOBILE Website for Quilters that looks like a fun site for quilters that may be traveling, or new to an area.    When I returned home,  I took a look at the free version via my laptop.  Here are some insights I can share with you today about this new site:

Both the Free and the Premium Versions are available to Quilters via the Internet thru your regular computer or via a mobile device.  And, they both provide you visibility to Quilt Shops in the United States and Canada, as well as information on Quilting Events.

Free Version: provides access to all paid advertisers (941 shops).
Premium Version: provides access to everything available in the Free Version, and ALL quilt shops in their database (3714 shops).  The Premium version is available at a reasonable rate:

  • Annual -membership is $9.95 (Originally $11.95)  
  • Semi-Annual membership at an introductory rate of $4.95 (Originally $6.95) 

I created a FREE account and found it pretty easy to use, although the information available was limited.  Simply click here to create your free login to check out this software.

In doing a quick look using their EVENTS, I did see that some events in my area were listed.
Still, the events that were visible in a variety of cities were limited and sometimes confusing. For example, when I searched State/City to look up the IQF Houston show, I couldn't find this major event!  It is probably just a simple matter that it hasn't been loaded to the "free" version I was using, but I felt I still needed to share this with you.
The Map view was easy to use and provided a good view of quilt shops in the area. When you hover your cursor over the star a pop up shows the name of the shop.  Click on the pop up and you are taken to a screen that provides you information on that particular store. This particular view I personally find most helpful when I'm traveling, as it allows me to plan little "detours" to visit Quilt Shops (or Events).

It also looks to me that  the "Premium" subscription mode, could be a handy resource for those that are new to a given area, or traveling and want easy access to find quilt shops and/or quilting events.    And, certainly the semi-annual membership at an introductory rate of $4.95 is reasonable to give it a try. And, with gasoline prices these days, could certainly get a fast payback by helping you efficiently find a new quilt shop.

For more information on this new MOBILE Website for Quilters,  or to try out their free version visit:
The Quilt Shop Navigator

For those that do have Mobile Devices, I'd love to hear what are your favorite APPS for quilters and what sort of APPS would you like to see be developed for Quilters.  Feel free to leave a comment or send me an email.

UPDATE:  I have learned that Quilters Club of America does have a FREE APP for locating Quilt Shops, but it may not be getting maintained, risking the chance that you may seek out a quilt store that is no longer in business.  The Quilt Shop Navigator is updated daily and the team contacts quilt shops twice a year to verify they are in business and the information in this tool is current.  Plus, customers of the Quilt Shop Navigator can easily report back any recommended updates.

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Briawna said...

Hmm, this looks interesting. I'd definitely try out the free version first. My favorite quilting app is Robert Kaufman's Quilting Calculator. It calculates yardage for everything from sashing, binding, backing, to triangles. It saves my life, mostly because I'm not really a math person and I always forget to calculate yardage before I'm at the shop buying fabric!

Dana Gaffney said...

Thanks for this, I did try the free version hoping there was something I didn't know about, nothing new, I live in a quilting wasteland.

Sally in WA said...

I just downloaded this app on my smartphone last week and used it while in Spokane over the weekend. I did the free version. Unfortunately, the one shop that went to that was listed was closed permanently. I guess I will have to log on via the computer to let them know. Still a pretty handy app to have.

Barbara said...

Quilters Club of America makes a free app called Quilt Shops that will locate any quilt shops close by, no matter where you are, along with address and directions. Cool!

wackywoman said...

Thank you for this info. I'll have to have a look at it later today. Stay cool!

Rebecca Grace said...

I wish someone would make an app to locate quilt shops internationally. When I was in Paris a year ago, I desperately wanted to find a Parisian LQS and bring back some fabric goodies, and I wasn't able to find one in the short time I was there. But (unfortunately!) I don't travel abroad all that often -- meanwhile, the Quilt Shop Navigator App sounds like a useful tool in the US. Although the free version doesn't sound very useful if quilt shops must pay to be listed, and the annual subscription rate for the Premium version is outrageous considering that most apps go for less than $5, one-time fee, and endless free updates.

Little Lady Patchwork said...

Thanks for sharing this information! I love to check out LQS whenever I travel w/my family.

Heather said...

Ditto to Briawna, I LOVE the Robert Kaufman quilt calc. I use mostly to figure out how many strips I need to cut for binding my quilt. Also it has fun info about RK fabrics :)

What I want and what might exist, is just something for browsing swatches of fabric for sale. It would be so easy to swipe through them on a touch screen and zoom in and really see the pattern on each fabric, instead of clicking through a million screens.

Anyways, I would definitely try out this app, it could be super helpful on a road trip or vacation.

The Quilted Dog said...

I just did the semi-annual APP. I was pleased to see that a lot of small local quilt shops that I have visited were listed. I always make a point when traveling somewhere new to check out the LQS, and this will be handy!

I would love a mobile app to compare color. I've found taking photos of fabric much simpler than carrying samples, but it would be great to have an APP where you could compare fabrics side by side.

JaneB said...

This looks like a great app! Hey thats my local quilt shop in the example The Quilting Bee in Spokane Valley Washington is definitely worth a stop!