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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Do you Schnibble with "Another Bite of Schnibbles"?

Another Bite of Schnibbles: 24 quilts from 5" or 10" squares, by Carrie Nelson, published by Martingale/That Patchwork Place, is a fun quilting book that works well for pre-cuts, or for those that want to reduce their quilting stash!

Martingale - Another Bite of Schnibbles (Print version + eBook bundle)

Carrie Nelson is the author of the  top-selling Schnibbles Times Two, which provides quilters with 12 beautiful quilting projects that can be made in either 5" or 10" squares.  And, all of the designs in this book are perfect for quilters of all levels.   

Martingale - Another Bite of Schnibbles (Print version + eBook bundle)
Use 5" or 10" pre-cut bundles to make these quilts (or pull oodles of fabrics from your stash).

Martingale - Another Bite of Schnibbles (Print version + eBook bundle)
Carrie shares 12 new designs in this book that can be created with 5" or 10" squares.  Thus, we should probably think of this book as providing us 24 individual patterns!

Martingale - Another Bite of Schnibbles (Print version + eBook bundle)
You'll ind some excellent quilting tips for piecing, from cutting, assembly, trimming.  To clarify "A Field Guide to Schnibbles" is a section that provides excellent insights to help quilters of all levels, and is one of the best guides that I've seen in any quilting book.  Truly excellent.

Martingale - Another Bite of Schnibbles (Print version + eBook bundle)
Designs range in size of  30"  x 30"  to  76" x 91".

Martingale - Another Bite of Schnibbles (Print version + eBook bundle)

All of the designs include supply requirements, detailed instructions and great visuals.   And, instructions are provided to make them in two sizes.

This book is definitely a "must have" for any quilter that enjoys making fun and fast quilts.  

You can find Carrie at:

SewCalGal would definitely like to hear if you have created a Schnibbles quilt, as well as if you've had a chance to check out this book.  For those that may not yet had a chance to check it out, I do hope you'll have a chance to check it out at your local quilt shop soon, or online at Martingale. I think you'll really enjoy it.

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Vroomans' Quilts said...

I have this book as well as the Times Two - part of the year of Schnibbles group and a club member thru FQ Shop for the patterns

Dana Gaffney said...

I have her Schribbles Times Two book and made the Plan C quilt and I love it. I'm definitely planning on trying more. Bonus - I learned her method for flying geese, which makes sense and works perfectly.

Anonymous said...

I have that book on my "must buy" list. Have used the Schnibbles Times Two patterns and they are wonderful (see: http://treadlemusic.wordpress.com/2012/02/17/a-sweet-little-project/ ). The possibilities for stash fabric use is what attracted me but so far have been 'hooked' on the pre cuts!!

Jacqueline said...

I have this book and love it. Have made 2 of the 5" charm quilts and hope to start a third as soon as I finish up some of my UFO's

Laura said...

Looks like a fun book.

Darlene said...

This book and it's companion are must have books. Have I made a Schnibble? Oh my - yes, yes, yes! They are so addicting.

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Thanks for visiting Darlene.I agree on the Christmas quilt...but I only quilted it; I do a lot of hand quilting for others....I just may have to do one like it though....lol

Loris said...

I have Carrie's first Schnibble book and have made two Schnibbles....Four Corners and Imagine. Love her Rosie collection books too!

Rebecca Grace said...

I wish I'd read your post earlier today -- I was at Barnes & Noble with the kids this afternoon so they could turn in their summer reading logs for their free books. I would have looked for this Schnibbles book -- "fun and fast" is just the kind of project I need right now so I can get right to the FMQ!

Rosa Robichaud said...

I've made one of her quilts... Madeline, I believe.

Its on my "to do" list, someday... more of her quilts, that is. *s*

And no, I didn't realize that she had another book out. *s*

Rosa Robichaud

Andee said...

I have been making Schnibbles along with Sinta and Sherri for the past few years. There is just something about this little quilts. I have made one larger version and it was a hit too. I have this book and it is one of my favorites too!

hanna montis said...
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Cheryl's Teapots2Quilting said...

I made 'X-Rated' a few years ago for my niece. It is supposed to finish at 31" square. I made mine bed sized. It was quick and fun.