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Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day is more than just an American Holiday

Michele Bilyeu (With Heart and Hands) has an excellent post about Memorial Day today.  I read it this morning, as well as several other wonderful posts on a number of blogs, before I went off to the gym.  During my workout I pondered about Memorial day........and I want to share with you a few thoughts.

If you are an American there is a good chance you are celebrating this day by what we call a "Patriotic" BBQ, picnic or some other form of gathering with family and/or friends.  They are fun and they are traditional.  And, in many cities there are Patriotic Parades and other activities where we celebrate this day.

As it is a day to remember the men and woman who gave their life, I also think of how many wars have been fought with not just American soldiers, but with our Allies. There are many soldiers from these countries that lost their lives in those same wars.  Thus, while I'm remembering  American soldiers that lost their lives,  I also remember those that are from all Allied countries too!

Do you think we can make Memorial Day and international day of remembering men and woman, from all over the world, that lost their lives in war while serving their country?  I've seen Quilters do amazing things.  With your help I know we can! 

To clarify, I'm not asking to change the way America, or other countries remember their soldiers, but proposing that last Monday in May, becomes an International Memorial Day, where all Allies take time to remember those that lost their lives while serving "together".  

Let's not forget them! 

Memorial Day is far more than just an American Holiday.  It is a day of remembrance!

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UPDATE (as of 5/28/12 7:25pm PST)

This has definitely been a day for me to remember those that have lost their life while serving their country.  I usually try to do more research before I do a post.  I truly had not planned a post today, but decided to share my thoughts, from my heart, about my desire for ultimately better recognition how we are all so connected through common threads.  As SewCalGal, I feel a need to stay focused on sharing insights on quilting, sewing, embroideryh.  As Darlene, I sometimes abuse my power and let my emotions show through.  I don't want to become a political blog, but I would truly love to see an International Memorial Day where all Allied Countries come together to celebrate our alliance and mourn those that lost their life while serving our countries.

Happily, I did learn:
And, thanks to Stacey (Driving Miss Stacey) I learned of a special spot in England that recognizes those that served in the 94 Bombardment Group and the supporting US Army Air Forces. I hope you'll pop on over to her delightful blog to checkout her insightful post.


Kit Lang said...

We (Canadians) honour our soliders on November 11, an important day for us historically.

I'm sure other countries haven't "randomly" chosen their dates either - likely the dates have specific, important, meanings.

Although I think your idea to have a "global" honouring of our soldiers has merit - I think that choosing the American date automatically skews it towards Americans, and then calling all of us (as you do in your graphic above) "American Allies" only adds that "American" flavour - which may be off-putting to some people.

We, for instance, refer to all of the allied countries as "Allies", not "Canadian Allies". It wasn't an American war that we helped you with, you know! ;)

Just some more grist for the thought-mill. :)

Michele Bilyeu said...

Oh, thank you so much for the link up...it's means a lot to me in all ways. And a very meaning filled Memorial Day to someone who feels as I do!

Stacey said...

Thank You for your nice posting about our allies. I wanted to share with you my blog post of today. Right now I am visiting my daughter who lives in a sweet little town in England. Her and her husband are here for 3 years. My son-in-law is in the United States Air Force and it was my pleasure to go and visit a special memorial that I found here today honoring all who served their countries.

Please take moment and take a look. It's special to all the Americans service members here.

Thanks so much.

Sooli said...

I agree with Kit's comments wholeheartedly. I see where you're going and with the best intentions I'm sure, but we in Australia have our own very special days for remembering our fallen and Anzac Day (April 25th)in particular is extremely strongly etched in our culture. It would be very unlikely that anyone would add another day without any true link to our heritage as Anzac Day has here. We all remember in our own way in each country and not sure we need a global day to do so that would not be relevant to all.
Just my thoughts to add to the pool.

Sue said...

Yes ANZAC day is probably the most important memorial day here in oz, but we do the minute silence on Remembrance day 11/11 as we were part of the Great War. My daughters went to the ANZAC day service at Westminster Cathedral in London in 2008 and as Aussies in England felt very privileged to be there.
I actually like your idea of a world wide day where we all remember.

Ramona said...

I think it's wonderful that you have reminded us to celebrate those who have fallen with us, whatever the cause. A good reminder we don't stand alone.