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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Free-Motion Quilting simplified (DVD), by Don Linn

Many of you may know Don Linn, aka Mr. Quilt, was the Free-Motion Quilting (FMQ) Expert for the 2012 FMQ Challenge this past April.  His excellent FMQ tutorial is still available for anyone that wants to join this challenge.  But, today I'm excited to have a chance to share insights with you on a new DVD that Don has created.

"Free-Motion Quilting simplified" is a "must have" DVD for anyone wanting to learn FMQ, and appropriate for anyone that has FMQ experience,  yet wants to improve on their FMQ skills, by learning ways to improve their stitch quality, back tracking, troubleshooting,  and much more. 

The DVD is one hour and 13 minutes in length, organized in four chapters.  The first two chapters provide insights on basic free-motion quilting (e.g. good posture, lowering feeddogs, needles, tensions, hand positioning, start/stop of your FMQ, tools, etc.).  The last two chapters show how to create a beautiful rope design and a lovely feather design, using  stencils that you create.

You can repeat any chapter, as well as start/stop/restart the video at any place, anytime.  It has great visibility (photography) to clearly see the stitching and make it easy to understand Don's insights shared in this video.   He also shares insights that will help troubleshoot problems with your FMQ (e.g. thread vomit, what to do when you run out of bobbin thread, etc.).

Don provides words of encouragement and inspiration, throughout the video.  It is truly packed full of information and available for purchase at a very affordable price.   You will probably feel like you've had a private session with Don, after watching this excellent DVD!

You can find this new DVD at:

Don is also an author of three great quilting books:

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