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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Barn Quilts - Vote for your Favorite entries in the Annual AccuQuilt Barn Quilt Challenge

The 3rd Annual Barn Quilt Design Contest is currently open for voting for your favorite entries.  All of the entries are beautiful and I hope you'll take time to cast your vote for your favorites.

Top 100 Barn Quilt Designs

The winners will be honored to have their design painted on a barn (aka AccuQuilt's new offices in Omaha, Nebraska).  They'll also get some other wonderful prizes donated by AccuQuilt.

Barn Quilts have become popular on old barns, and modern barns too!

But, to me, it is very exciting to see a quilting business with a barn quilt painted on it.  I'm familiar with AccuQuilt's offices having beautiful barn quilt designs displayed. Quilt in a Day/San Marcos, CA also paints barn quilts on their building.  If you know of any other quilting business that has barn quilts displayed, please let me know.  I'm trying to compile a list.

Again, I hope you'll take time to view all of the beautiful entries to AccuQuilts Barn Quilt Design Contest and vote for your favorite

And, if you are wondering, SewCalGal is entry #13.  But, I truly hope you vote for your favorite entries!

Barn Quilt Top 100

Voting ends April 18th and your vote matters.  Please take time to vote for your favorites!



marilyn said...

I've been waiting to vote until I heard from some of my blogging friends about which blocks were theirs. I wish there was more information on the contest page, but then I guess there would be some bias in the contest. Good luck! I love your block. This looks like it could be made with the Go! dies.

Teri said...

I went to vote and I could not find the click to vote button....nowhere to be seen.I am doing it on my IPad so maybe that is the
problem . Or maybe I'm blind as a bat....

Doreen said...

Have already voted.....great entries!!!!! So much talent!-D

Abbigail said...

Good luck! You have my vote. There are some wonderful designs on here!