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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Quilt Show Treasures - Quilted in Clay

At the recent Road to California Quilt Show, I picked up some special jewelry, with a quilt motif, that I'm excited to share with you.  But, first I want to share with you some insight about this vendor and why I like their products.

Jennifer Patterson is the designer and owner of "Quilted in Clay", where she has a large selection of beautiful jewelery, that she makes using polymer clay.   As I continually hear "I love your earrings, where did you get them" and I've enjoyed wearing various pieces of Quilted in Clay jewelery for several years, I can honestly recommend them to others.

If you are not familiar with how polymer clay jewelry is made and/or with Jennifer, you may want to watch this video.  To me, it is an amazing art form with detailed craftmanship and amazing creativity.  Clearly, Jennifer is very talented and a master artist with polymer clay.

Quilted in Clay has a large selection of earrings, necklaces, pendants, bracelets, beads and more.  All are high quality handcrafted pieces and with reasonable prices too!

There are a variety of quilt block designs, all beautiful.  For me, the quilt motifs are my favorite.  Don't you just love the design and colors in this pendant?  I certainly do!

The floral designs are also spectacular and certainly inspire me to think of fond memories of times in Hawaii.  But, I think these floral designs would work anywhere.

Their pink ribbon block is very cute too!
The majority of the designs come in a variety of styles, as well as sets (e.g. earrings, necklace, pendant).

Red and white quilts have always catch my attention, and I felt the same way while admiring the red and white jewelry.  But, it did take me a little while to decide which piece "needed" to come home wiht me.

After drooling over all the Quilted in Clay jewelry, I ended up taking home the red and white earrings.

And, I decided this cute Fall Quilt block motif, which is a new design, also needed to come home with me.

So fun to get dressed up with a new piece of jewelry, especially when it shows off my love of quilting!

If you could recommend a quilt block design, or colors, what would you recommend Quilted in Clay create for quilters?

You can find Jennifer and Quilted in Clay at:



Anonymous said...

so pretty,very clever lady.xx

Dana Gaffney said...

Very pretty, I especially like the log cabin pendant, I like the movement to it instead of flat. She's a very talented lady.

Cheryl said...

Statement jewelry, for sure.

LesQuilts said...

Hi! I've met Jennifer before, they have a very busy travel schedule! I'd like to see her basic blocks, but used to make the beads for a Pandora bracelet!
She astounds me everytime I see her designs, how she has gone from this blob of clay to finished tiny, tiny colours in the tiny blocks in the tiny bits of jewellery!
Take care, Leslie

Annette said...

what a wonderful way to wear our passion...... thanks you for indroducing Quilting in Clay to us
in stitches

Anonymous said...

Thank you for showing this! It seems like she already has a handle on what to make that appeals to quilters. I got some of the clay and tools for Christmas because there are some things that I would like to make for myself, but haven't gotten to it yet. After watching this and seeing the gorgeous work that she does, I'm eager to get to it. Her work is amazing!

Vickie said...

Beautiful form of artwork. I can't wait to get a piece for myself.

Snoodles said...

Her work is amazing...I would want one of her pendants, I think - no pierced ears here. LOL Thanks for introducing us to her incredible talents!

suemac said...

I liked the log cabin quilt pin. Very nice.

Deborah Boutwell said...

I have the log cabin pin in green...love it

Laila Mogensen said...

Wauv, they are truly georgious. Must get those for my shop in Denmark.

Kim said...

If possible these pieces are even more gorgeous in person, not only does she do the tiny patterns but the "qulting" is spectacular. I have an Ohio star pin that my friend gave me after teaching at a quilt show. I keep is on display in my family room with afew miniature quilts I have made.

thanks for showing more of her work and
Happy Sewing

QuilterLynn said...

Wow. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing this!