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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Saving Money with an AccuQuilt & update on the AccuQuilt Cut Fabric Swap

There are some that believe that there is waste in cutting fabrics with an AccuQuilt.  But here is a quick example of why I believe I have saved money with this product:

This Halloween table topper was pretty much cut with scraps that were destined for the trash.  The brights in this project were of such small pieces, all left overs from other projects, that it wouldn't have been worth it for me to pull out my mat, rotary cutter, and a ruler to cut 2 1/2" squares from the itsy bitsy scraps.  But I found it very easy and fast to cut squares and strips with my GO!  Yeap....this is essentially a freebie project!

I also want to remind everyone of a great opportunity next week.  Many Bloggers with AccuQuilt products are participating in an AccuQuilt cut fabric swap.  Participants will be posting insights on their blogs about the fabric and dies that they are willing to cut, if a swap can be negotiated.  These bloggers will be indexed via a mcklinky on a post on this blog starting early Monday,  October 18th and will be open to Bloggers with AccuQuilt products to add their links thru Friday October 22nd.

Everyone is welcome to visit the participating blogs and if you find a proposed swap that interests you, you can contact that blogger to negotiate a swap.  This is a great way to swap for fabric that is accurately cut with an AccuQuilt product, and for those that own AccuQuilt products, you will hopefully be able to find a swap for fabric cut with a die that you may not have and want to try.

In theory, the majority of the swaps will be between Bloggers with AccuQuilt products.  Thus, if you participate you'll be sending someone fabric cut with your AccuQuilt product & die(s) and you'll be receiving fabric from someone that has cut their fabric with their respective AccuQuilt product & die(s).  But the possibility does exist that a non-blogger/non-AccuQuilt owner may contact a participating blog to negotiate a swap.  In this case it is up to the participant to determine if they want to make the swap, as they will be sending accurately "cut" fabric but what they receive back is what the two will negotiate for. 

In anticipation of this AccuQuilt cut fabric swap next week, I'd love to hear your thoughts on what colors of fabrics are of interest to you, and if there are any particular AccuQuilt die cuts that you would be interested in swaping for.  Your feedback can help me create my proposed swap, and possible be of use to other Bloggers with AccuQuilt products as they propose their swap on their blogs. 

Hope you come back next week to check out the fun we're planning with this AccuQuilt cut fabric swap.

For more information on Bloggers with AccuQuilt products, as well as on this fabric swap, click on the page on this blog labeled "Bloggers with AccuQuilt Products".  This page will always give you the most current info on what this group is up to.


deborah said...

Love the table mat! And a very effective way to use up those tiny scraps that might have made their way into the waste bin!
I am comtemplating doing the fabric swap, will appliques be acceptable?

SewCalGal said...

Yes, appliques are acceptable swaps. Anything that can be cut with any AccuQuilt product, any die, is an acceptable swap. Any size, any color....just remember you can post the proposed swap on your blog and you need not cut your fabric unless you negotiate a swap.


Stray Stitches said...

Love the quilt! Unfortunately, I will not be able to participate as I am not a GO! owner :(

Ariane said...

I just need a bit of clarification on this swap. I cut my own fabric with the GO! Cutter, using the requested die and swap those cut pieces with another GO! Cutter owner, who cuts their fabric, with my requested die and sends it to me? Not, they send me their fabric for me to cut with my dies? Just making sure I understand what kind of swap this is.

Micki said...

That sounds like fun! I will have to visit the blogs.

SewCalGal said...

To clarify, most swaps will be made where both parties have an accuquilt product and when they negotiate a swap they cut their respective fabric and send to their swap partner, who also cuts their fabric and sends it. Both parties receive fabric that has been cut with an AccuQuilt product.

But, Bloggers with AccuQuilt products that post proposed AccuQuilt Cut fabric swaps may be approached by non-bloggers/non-AccuQuilt owners who may propose a swap that the respective blogger is interested in. This also give the non-AccuQuilt owner an opportunity to sew with accurately cut fabric, cut on an AccuQuilt product.

But ultimately it is up for those interested to contact the blogger with an AccuQuilt product that proposed one side of a swap...and start the discussion to see if they have a swap.

Any fabric yardage, applique/non-applique, dies work for posting a proposal for a swap on your blog and linking it to the mcklinky that will be posted on Monday.

To clarify, those that do not have a GO! can still participate by contacting a participant to see if they will consider a swap for something else (may be fabric not cut, cut, or another item besides fabric....can't hurt to make a proposal).


Robin (rsislandcrafts) said...

Love your Halloween table topper! It looks so fun and random. Great use of the Go.