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Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Rose of Sharon Block Book

Sharon Pederson has released another amazing book!  The Rose of Sharon Block Book: Winning Designs from the EQ6 Challenge, is a spectacular book that is a must have for any quilter interested in applique, and a great book for those interested in learning applique.  It is also an inspirational book for any quilter, especially for those interested in expanding their design ideas while learning EQ6/EQ7, as well as those in that growing community of AccuQuilt owners that are looking for ideas on using the AccuQuilt Rose of Sharon dies.

This book was the brainchild of Elizabeth Phillips, a business partner and friend of Sharon Pederson.  They decided to work with different companies to create:

And, many of these partners are helping the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative (AAQI) to raise awareness of Alzheimer's and raise funds for Alzheimer's research, including Martingale & Company.

The EQ6 challenge was launched and there were 850+ blocks submitted.  Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson were the judges that worked to identify 12 winning blocks. 

Sharon used the 12 winning designs and she designed a 13th block to make the beautiful quilt that is on the cover of this amazing book.  She also worked to ensure the insights of this challenge were shared, by way of this book.

As noted above, The Rose of Sharon Quilt Book was published by Martingale & Company, home of That Patchwork Place. It contains insights about the Quilt Challenge and partners that have supporting products.  It also contains easy to follow instructions, with pictures,  to make The Rose of Sharon Block Challenge Quilt.

Photos are included of the original 12 winning blocks, with insights on the designer, cutting instructions and stitching order.    In addition, Sharon included insights on an additional 70 blocks that she selected as her favorites.  There is also instructions on how to create a lovely machine-embroidered wall hanging, a machine-embroidered pillow and many tips for applique.

In conclusion, this is an excellent book that  will provide you a source of inspiration and reference, for many years to come.  I hope you can see that this book is packed full of inspiration and insights, also creating an exceptional value for any quilt book. 

Also, a beautiful set of Rose of Sharon note cards will be released in October.  The set will contain 12 blank cards, one for each of the 12 winning designs.  These blank cards, measuring 5"x5" are beautiful and will certainly make for sending thoughtful notes.  The set will also make for great Christmas gifts, especially given the whole set is only $11.99 from the Martingale & Company online store


karenfae said...

Beautiful quilt!! must be a wonderful book.

Stray Stitches said...

Thank you for the review. The quilt is absolutely beautiful.

Ruth said...

Wow! You just reminded me that I have that book and I probably should start to make some of those blocks, I got sidetracked making hexies for the past week.

IHaveANotion ~ Kelly Jackson said...

I was fortunate enough to see the winners announced at Spring Quilt Market. I'm telling you those blocks are incredible and entire quilt was honestly amazing.


Cynthia said...

Gorgeous pictures! One day I'd like to be able to do that!

Micki said...

That would be an amazing quilt to make! Gorgeous blocks!