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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mock Cathedral Window Machine Embroidery Design, by KittyKitty Designs

KittyKitty Designs has a new video for their delightful Mock Cathedral Window Machine Embroidery design.  I do so love this design.  It stitches out beautifully.  And this new video is great. 

KittyKitty Designs is owned by the very talented Teriann Shum.  She is a Graphics Arts Designer and an Embroidery Digitizer.  She has created many wonderful designs, and has many with a whimsical flair known as Pixies.     For her "Quiltingles" she has the Mock Cathedral Window design, and a newer Mock Card Trick that I'm looking forward to creating items with. 

If you like to do machine embroidery, I do hope you'll pop over to check out KittyKitty Designs

Visit Kitty Kitty Designs Network

This is a fun place for those that love Machine Embroidery.  I also won a cool sewing machine lite from a recent giveaway at KittyKitty Designs.  Thank you Teriann!  But, even if I didn't win this great giveaway, I have so much fun in this forum and learn so many tips, plus I am inspired by all Teriann creates! 


Teriann Shum  is also on Twitter (http://twitter.com/PixiesDoRule) and on Facebook


Lana said...

I love that you posted the video...very helpful! Oh, and thanks for stopping by my blog! I really appreciated your words of encouragement!
I have a give-a-way starting...be sure to sign up! I would love it if you visited again!
oh, and Your site is really great!

MsWildflower said...

Very interesting!!

Barb said...

One day...one day I will have an embroidery machine....one day.

Embroidery said...

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Lisa M. said...

Thanks for the link...I will definitely check it out. :-)

NJGuitarLady said...

Can anyone tell me please where i can find the moch cathedral window designs for embroidery? I would love to purchase them.
Thank you in advance !