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Sunday, April 18, 2010

What would you pack for an extended trip?

I must confess I was set to release this article last Friday, as I was flying off to a tropical destination for an extended vacation.  Then to my surprise, I left some critical item at home.  Yes, I left my power cord for my laptop.  Fortunately, a dear friend and neighbor was able to able to arrange to have it shipped to me. Some might ask why I care about bringing a laptop with me on vacation.  But for me, it offers a great source of information, learning and fun, as well as helps me stay connected to friends and family.  Also, having a laptop in a tropical place helps to reduce the amount of time I am outside in the sun, as it is easy to get more sun exposure than one should get.  And, even with wearing 70+ sunscreen in a month I can easily get too much sun!

Do you use a checklist for packing?  I have a checklist for going to a quilting class, workshop or retreat and find it very helpful.  Clearly, with my recent oversight with leaving my PC power cord at home I'm going to need to create a checklist for packing for a vacation.  But I am happy to report that I brought many fun things with me! 

I must confess that I really struggle with how I can take everything I "need" to go on a fun vacation.  A sewing machine is high on my priority list for having fun, but it isn't an easy item to take on a trip, especially given the fact that the airlines have significantly reduced the amount of luggage one can easily take on a trip.  As our destination is a tropical place, clothing attire is all lightweight, but packing snorkeling and scuba diving equipment is far from being light.  Socks and shoes for walking and hiking also made it into my bags.  But I also like to take items with me that allow me to be creative, as well as learn.  Hymm.   Ok.  This is what made it into my suitcase:

You can see by the above photo I have my diving fins, a bathing suit, running shoes, some lightweight clothes, and an EQ6 User Manual, and two of the four EQ6 Companion books:  EQ6 Pieced Drawing and EQ6 Block Book.

While the EQ6 User Manual is an excellent book, with easy to follow lessons (that I love to repeat) and packed full of insights about EQ6, I do love the EQ6 Companion Books.  Each of the four Companion Books provide more in-depth insights about EQ6 and each book is well written, contains great visuals and is available at a very reasonable price.  Each book is priced far less than the cost of a workshop and you can do the lessons at your own pace, when your schedule allows.  Really, even spending 15 minutes a day you'll learn EQ6 and quickly be able to design your own quilt, table runner, label and more, plus it even helps you select fabrics and quilting designs.

So, I hope you'll pack one or more EQ books with you on your next vacation too!  But don't wait for a vacation to enjoy these good reads.  I highly recommend them!
 EQ6 Block Book,

Yeap, the EQ books are definitely great reading materials (e.g tools to help learn EQ) and not something I can leave at home when going off on a vacation.

Do You EQ?  Check out the April Challenge at Club EQ.  This is a great way to learn and have fun in the process!


Beena said...

I don't travel much anymore, but when I was younger I was famous for packing extremely light. I love to shop when I'm out of town, so I would bring plenty of traveler's checks and a credit card! Then, I could only hope whatever I bought would fit into whatever modest suitcase I had brought with me!

Hope you're enjoying yourself!

Anonymous said...

With all the EQ products going with you I hope we can see some virtual quilts decorating IHAN soon!

Have a good time!

Judy B

PS I don't need a reply ..... and won't get one because not all blogs allow both email and Worpress Open ID. Drives me insane from the other side!

Pat said...

Not yet..have had EQ5 for a few years (surprise gift from hubby) but just didn't "get" it....will have to try your 15-minutes-a-day approach (which you've encouraged me to try before). Enjoy your vacation and please post some tropical photos, okay? I LOVE tropical photos!

Anonymous said...

I'm a little OCD when packing for an extended trip. I use a spreadsheet and map out what goes with what for each day... Yes, they make meds for that.

Laptop and books are a must...

Barb said...

Well...my husband has a list. I start pilling things up on my chester drawers when I think about it....not very organized am I? Atleast I have my power cord (ha!!...just had to say that)...sorry. But I think I forgot a few quilt patterns....hummmm

Your suitcase speaks fun to me...

Nanbon44 said...

I want the EQ so bad, but it just isn't in the budget yet. Might be good, if you learn all the ins and outs and I get one then I could email you for advice... Enjoy your vacation, hope it includes some fun in the sun.