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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Quilted Devotions 24 biblical blocks, by Lisa Cogar

A new book released this spring, "Quilted Devotions, 24 Biblical Blocks", has a collection of 24 beautiful quilt blocks, each representing parts of the Bible.  This treasure of a book, written by Lisa Cogar,  is published by Martingale & Company, home of That Patchwork Place. 

This delightful book provides insights on how to make the 24 blocks for a sampler quilt that measures 74½" x 106½", or you could choose your favorite four blocks to make a wall hanging.  Insights are shared on how to make paper pieced blocks, how to make traditional piecing using templates, and applique, as well as insights on fabric selection, pressing tips, and more.

{above} I enjoyed seeing "6-Block On Point Quilt, by Lisa Cogar" in the Quilt Gallery in this book.

{above} Brian's 24 block Sampler Quilt, by Lisa Cogar, is shared in the Quilt Gallery section of this book, providing inspiration on how all of these beautiful blocks could be combined to create an amazing sampler quilt. 

{above}  I've always loved the Bethlehem Star.  Lisa does a great job showing how to make this beautiful block using paper piecing techniques, and sharing insights on how this block was named.

{above} The Table Runner by Angie Harris, Gray Tennessee is also an inspirational quilt that is shown in the Quilt Gallery in this book.

{above} I enjoyed seeing "Tongues of Fire Wall Quilt, by Angie Harris, Gray Tennessee in the Quilt Gallery in this book.

{above} The 4-block Wall Quilt instructions in this book are well written and easy to follow. I love how they allow you to choose any of the 24 blocks in this book to make a beautiful wall hanging!

The instructions in this book are targeted towards intermediate to experienced quilters, but the inspiration in this book is clearly for quilters of all levels. 



Cynthia said...

Just in time- I am looking for inspiration for a quilt to make for a church show!

Anonymous said...

The Quilted Devotions Quilt is breathtaking. 4 ladies at our church created 20 blocks into a quilt for as a presentation to our church this month. I would love to send you a photo of this quilt when completed in vibrant colors. Thank you for your Biblical Blocks!