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Friday, February 12, 2010

Valley Quilters' 30th Annual Quilt Show (aka Hemet Quilt Show)

To those living in Southern California, we frequently refer to the Valley Quilters Annual Quilt Show as the "Hemet Quilt Show".  This year is the 30th year for the Valley Quilters Quilt Guild to hold this delightful quilt show, which SewCalGal views as a "model" quilt show for other quilt guilds.  

Valley Quilter's guild members are well organized and hold a professional quilt show, full of beautiful quilts on display, in a range from traditional to artistic.  They also add so many special touches, like the plastic glove inside of every program (e.g. inexpensive white glove alternative to allow viewers to touch the quilts on exhibit).  They also do this with their members who volunteer to help with the planning and organization, as well as sharing of quilts.  This is truly a talented guild that has great members who consistently hold a wonderful show.  And, SewCalGal views the "30th" quilt show is truly their best show ever.

Among the amazing quilts on display all were professionally labeled that were easy to read.
Bonnie Burton made this beautiful machine appliqued quilt, which she also machine quilted.

Gayle Asebedo made this delightful applique quilt, which she appropriately named "Tennessee Waltz".

{above} Jeani Campbell made this beautiful quilt, which was hand quilted by Betty Barney, and called "Old Glory II".

{above}Gloria McKeehan made this beautiful quilt, which was machine quilted by Lynette Harlan.  It is called "Moonlight Serenade".

This beautiful quilt is made and hand quilted by Rosalie Reed.

{above}Lynn Beck made and machine quilted this beautiful quilt she calls "Leftovers"

{above} Marlene Oaks made this beautiful quilt of her husband and grandaughter, which she calls "Megan and Grandpa".
{above}Marvel Dorf made and quilted this delightful quilt, which she calls "Hawaiian Memories for Kaylee"
{above} BJ Jones made and machine quilted this lovely quilt, she calls "Safari Ride"
This delightful quilt is owned by BJ Jones and made by "Gals from Maze Stone Guild".  It was machine quilted by Nancy Williams. 

{above}Libby Fritzinger made and machine quilted this cheerful quilt. 
{above}  Gloria McKeehan made this beautiful quilt.  It was machne quilted by Lynette Harlan.  

{above} Diane Best made and machine quilted this colorful quilt.

{above}Mary Waller made this quilt and Evelyn Eilers machine quilted it.

{above} Terry Sheldrake made and machine quilted this lovely quilt.  And, it was her first quilt and her first quilt that she quilted on a longarm!  Inspirational!

{above}Wilma Baker made this cheerful quilt and it was machine quilted by Barbara Ragan.

There was also a good selection of vendors offering new fabric, patterns, tools and many wonderful items that we all need!

{above} Two Wacky Woman had a wonderful booth full of beautiful sample quilts, original designs and cool gadgets.  This is definitely a booth you'll want to not miss!

There was also a fun boutique with various items for sale.  And many happy shoppers finding super deals!

{above} Mary Ann Moga finding deals in the Boutique, to help her make beautiful charity quilts.

Clearly, Valley Quilters' 30th Annual Quilt Show is a huge success.  This show continues to be open to the public tomorrow.  I hope you'll get a chance to visit this show this year, as well as make plans to attend it in 2011.  It is a fun quilt show!

Valley Quilters (Hemet) 30th Annual Quilt Show,
Valley Wide Recreation Center,
901 Esplanade Ave.,
San Jacinto, CA.

Valley Quilters Guild
P.O. Box 2534
Hemet, CA 92545


Zoey said...

Beautiul quilts. Thanks so much for sharing the show with us!

Pat said...

What lovely quilts you have shown us. I am always impressed at the quality of quilts in the shows of local guilds......certain equal to (and sometimes better) than in the big, nationally-known shows!!!

Yvette said...

Thanks for sharing. I wish I had of know about this show.

Beena said...

Thanks for posting all these great show pics!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Thanks for taking us along to the quilt show Darlene!

Jan said...

Wow, looks like a great show, sorry I missed it. Maybe next year will work out. I love Lynn Beck's quilt. I would have liked to met you and also Marilyn of Two Wacky Women.

Melinda said...

What fun to see a picture of my sister Robin on your blog. She is 1/2 of Two Wacky Women.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

What lovely quilts - most inspiring! Quilt shows are always lots of fun.

paulette said...

I was lucky enough to go to this QS and it was wonderful!! The perfect size with gorgeous quilts on display and a wonderful assortment of vendors. LOVED it! You can read about it on my blog...part one at least!;o)

Bridget B said...

Thanks for sharing- the quilts are all beautiful

Beeshebags said...

Thanks for sharing all the lovely pics, especially the ones of the Two Wacky Women....aren't Robin and Marilyn great? Hugs Naomi

Sharon-NZ said...

Love all the quilts thanks for showing us I really enjoyed it.......

Jules @ MoonCat Farms said...

What beautiful works of art. It always amazes me what these talented artists can do with pieces of fabric. It must be wonderful to have such an eye for design and color.

Thank you for sharing these with all of us. Maybe I can do a road trip next year and come down for the show. (Dad has a buddy in Hemet so I can probably convince him to come along for the ride!)