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Monday, February 8, 2010

Golden Quilter Awards's Nominations & Giveaway

Do you like watching the Oscars, Golden Globes or other awards ceremonies, where the best of the best are recognized for their contributions? 

I've been dreaming of the day when those involved in the world of quilting would receive reconition, similar to the Oscars or Golden Globes, but as "my" golden years have arrived and I'm still not seeing appropriate recognition for those that have made significant contributions in the world of quilting, SewCalGal has decided to host the 2010 Golden Quilter Awards!

Anyone can nominate a candidate who has made a difference in the world of quilting. Key awards will be given for the following categories for 2009 that are the most inspiring :

1)  Designer:    
2)  Teacher/Instructor:  
3)  Author: Most inspirational 
4) Quilt Store (physical)
5) Quilt Store (online)
6) Best Long Arm Quilter
7) Most Innovative new product (physical item)
8)  Most Innovated new product (software item)
9) Most influential person in the world of quilting to-date, aka "Lifetime Achievement".

 Are you aware that March is considered National Quilting  Month?  

Winners of the Golden Quilter Awards will be selected during March, as part of the National Quilting Month. 

Anyone can nominate a candidate for the various categories of the Golden Quilter Awards.  Simply send your nomination to SewCalGal via email or placing a comment on this post.

Top nominations for the Golden Quilter Awards will be shared in March, whereby viewers will be able to vote for their favorites.

SewCalGal is looking for sponsors of the various award categories.  Sponsors may choose what their award to the winner may be.  It may be simply recognition on a blog, with a detailed interview of the winner, and/or a plaque that is given to the winner, a gift to the winner, or even a giveway that is in honor of the winner.  If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of one of these award categories please contact SewCalGal.  Sponsors will be announced and recognized in future updates about the Golden Quilter Awards.

In the near future SewCalGal will have a badge for this event, and is hoping that others will share insight on their blogs, tweets, facebook and emails.  To clarify, SewCalGal wants to facilitate recognition of those that have made a difference in the world of quilting, and it seems that March (National Quilting Month) is a perfect time to hold such recognition.  I just hope you'll want to participate and encourage others to do so.

Again, let me know who you want to nominate...and if you want to be a sponsor for one of these awards.   Volunteer graphic artists also appreciated.

I'll share more info soon, but if you have a favorite for the categories I've listed and you want to nominate them for the 2010 Golden Quilter Award, please feel free to leave a comment on this post or email me.

Anyone that nominates a candidate for the Golden Quilter Award is also automatically entered in my giveaway. For more insight on this giveaway:  http://tinyurl.com/yzk6sks


Anonymous said...

ooh, what a cool idea... I'll have to think on this...

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Wow what a fabulous idea! Would the #9 catagory be consider a Life Achievement award?

ferne said...

I have to nominate Eleanor Burns. She has made quilting fun and easy for so many and for such a long time. Love the way she teaches in her classrooms and videos.

keep sewing! said...

best long arm quilter: Judi at Green Fairy Quilts who does exquisite stuff!

Cathi said...

I have to nominate Linda Franz for the most innovative new product (software). She is the inventor of Inklingo, which has made stitching some more complex designs much more achievable and has helped many quilters with accuracy on all sorts of quilt block designs.

Charlsey said...

In category #8, I would also like to nominate Linda Franz, creator of Inklingo. Inklingo has enabled me and others to do projects I never dreamed of doing otherwise.
I have finished hand piecing an 8 pointed star Grandmothers Flower Garden with over 2400 pieces using Inklingo. Linda gives above and beyond with each new collection she offers. Her website is chock full of information, tips, and includes free Inklingo shapes to try before you buy. Linda also makes herself available to answer questions and is a great inspiration to many. www.lindafranz.com

Anonymous said...

I would like to nominate Bonnie McCaffery! The reason is...she was the first to make podcasts and vidcasts available on the internet!
She is innovative, very positive, encouraging, sense of humor, and her work is fabulous!

Leslie said...

In the designer category I would like to nominate Judy Laquidara of www.Patchworktimes.com. Her designs are simple enough for the average quilter but never have that "easy quilt" look. Her expertise with pieced borders has helped many of us work beyond the blocks. Both of her books are valuable resources and many of her designs are available for free.

Tilde said...

As others have already done, I would like to nominate Linda Franz and Inklingo for category # 8. If for no other reason, then because the Inklingo way of preparing blocks, makes piecing curves a breeze. Even for a curve clutz like me :-)

Cbar said...

Bonni Hunter! She has taken the average quilter to a whole new level in the quilting world.

Jafael said...

I would like to nominate Eleanor Burns for Lifetime Achievement.

Sue said...

Bonnie K Hunter www.quiltville.com designer, teacher, books that are great, free patterns to use up all those scraps. It was great to hear her here down under on a podcast with Pat Sloan.
Living in Australia her mystery quilts have been easy to follow, the yahoo group great inspiration when in trouble and I could go on and on and on

Gloria said...

I would like to nominat for #2 Bonnie Hunter and #9 Eleanor Burns.

PJ said...

Where do I vote? I'm pretty sure nominations are closed, but I can't find the place to cast my vote(s). Thank you. Pam

SewCalGal said...

PJ - you are a no reply blogger and did not leave me your email, so I am unable to contact you directly. Nominations for the Golden Quilter Awards closed the end of February, and voting was opened for favorite Nominees on March lst to identify the ultimate winners of the Golden Quilter awards. You see all nominees & vote by clicking on: http://sewcalgal.blogspot.com/2010/02/update-on-golden-quilter-award.html and posting a comment with your vote or sending me an email.

PJ said...

I would like to nominate Pine Needles Sewing Center in Cedar Rapids, IA for the Best Quilt Store (physical). This is a family owned business that offers cutting-edge day/after work/Saturday/Sunday classes, workshops, and seminars for their sewing/quilting "family". They offer free machine use for these classes if anyone is unable to bring their own machine to class. They research the latest and most up-to-date notions, techniques, and software. The instructors share their expertise with their customers in a friendly, helpful, and patient manner. Also, there are 2 (often 3) very capable techs available at the shop. They service machines and they answer service-related questions with ease. I just feel the excitement in the air upon entering this shop. I just know I'm in an environment where I'll be learning lots. It's my kind of store! Please check it out.