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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Valentine Sewing Party

Are you making anything for Valentine's Day?  If you have a project planned, looking for inspiration, or just looking for fun,  you may want to check out the Valentine Sewing Party!

I'm still planning a couple of projects and cutting fabrics for Valeintine's related projects, but I was so excited to hear about the virtual Valentine Sewing Party.  This sew-cial is being held on Saturday., January 23rd.  I've blocked my schedule and plan on working on Valentine related projects all day long.  I think most everyone is planning on working on one project, but I'm hoping if I "prep" I can "finish" a couple of projects.  But I don't want to scare you off, as I'm not an over achiever....I'm one of those that has a hugh list of UFOs.  Still, theValentine Sewing Party looks like fun and a great way to knock off a couple of projects of any size!

And I'm excited that two of my Valetine projects will be easy, as I'll be using the AccuQuilt Go cutter.  One project uses their heart dies and I've already cut my hearts using the dies. It was so fast )only a few minutes). 

I plan on spending a "few minutes" this week to cut fabric using the AccuQuilt feather die, to make some feathered hearts. 

What are you doing on Saturday, January 23rd?  If you don't have plans, why not join the Valentine Sewing Party.  For more info:  http://tinyurl.com/yf8ktfm


Cindy said...

So it appears that you DO use the AccuQuilt cutter. WOW - you will get things cut in record time, lucky you. What a great tool to have!!

I plan on cutting out the 2/4 hearts I need today to go with the strips I already cut for the Sat. Sew-a-thon.

(LOL - I have yet to hubby that he has to do something for himself that day...LOL)

joan said...

Oh! I am so glad you are coming to the party! Can't wait to see your project progress thoughout the day! See you Saturday!

Beena said...

You will definitely have to post pics of your feathered hearts and other Valentine's Day projects!