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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Snowball Quilt A Long

I joined the Quilting Cat  in a Snowball quilt-a-long.  What I like about this Virtual Quilt Sew-cial is that you can use fabrics from your stash (or go buy fabrics) and pretty much work at your liesure.  The goal is for every participant in this quilt sew-cial to complete six blocks per month.  And there is no requirement for the size, colors, or what you do with this quilt...just come join the sew-cial.  And, if you have a blog, we hope you will periodically post insights on your progress.  Or, at least, that is how I understand this Snow Ball Quilt-A-Long.

Quilting Cat is one of the delightful blogs that I follow.  One of her posts about this Quilt-A-Long was the fact she was using a layer cake, whereas others were using scraps.  I have a layer cake that I thought I'd use it, but I decided to make up a Snowball quilt with some cat fabric & misc scraps, in honor of PiWacket.  {you need to be a follower of Quilting Cat to understand who PiWacket is. 

Quilting Cat introduced me to Bitnbyaquiltingbug, whom I now following, as she too has a delightful blog. And Bitnbyaquiltingbug is also one of the leaders in this delightful SnowBall Quilt-a-long.  

We'd love to have you join us in making a Snowball quilt.  Quilting Cat has shared insights on the pattern, which is easy and requires 6 1/2" squares for the snowballs and 2 1/2" for the 9 patch blocks and corners of the snowballs.  For more info on the pattern check here:  http://piwacketquilts.blogspot.com/2010/01/goal-met-plus-one.html  There are also many variations of the Snowball design.  If you want to work on a variation and join us in this virtual sew-cial, we'd love to have you Quilt-A-Long.

Sew-cials are so much fun!


Beena said...

While I can't join the sew-cial, I am always looking for a good blog to follow! Thanks!

BitnByAQuiltingBug said...

Glad you are playing along with us! I love the bright fabrics you've chosen. I am excited to use up some fabric stash. I need to make room for more...LOL! Thanks for saying such nice things about my little blog. Blogland has sure opened up a lot of new doors to the quilty world. I love it. Have a great weekend!