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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Any predictions for 20-20?

I have a growing list of topics that I research and use to share.  While I had plans for what I wanted to share today, something popped up, on another blog, that took me in a completely different direction today.   And, I've concluded that it is more important for others to read what I read, than for me to share what I had originally planned to share today.

The EQ Blog is a delightful blog that I follow with great delight.   Their post today refers to an article written in 1994 by Penny McMorris.  This article focuses on thoughts about how technologies would influence quilters in 2010.  I enjoyed reading this post on the EQ Blog today very much, as well as Penny's complete article that can be viewed via a link in the EQ post today.  I really hope everyone will read this article and take a few minutes to reflect back on quilting, as well as take time to think about the future of quilting.

What do you predict quilting will be like in 2020?  I'd love to hear your thoughts.  This may sound silly, but I think those that can visualize the future can help to influence achieving something great.  In this perspective, I want to recognize and compliment Penny McMorris.  Penny, along with a great EQ team, has helped to provide many quilters with many delightful products that help us create beautiful quilts in 2010. 

I had already been quilting for many years in 1994 and never dreamed we'd be where we are today.  Thus, I'm truly greatful for Penny's ability to dream and help inspire others to create products that have made such a significant impact on the quilting world as it is today. 

And I'm looking forward to seeing where quilting will be in 2020!   Again, I'd love to hear your thoughts.


Barb said...

I know that I will be 10 years older but as to forseeing what lies ahead....I am hoping only great things.

Anonymous said...

I went to the shelf and got out the magazine from way back then ..... Quilting was changing heaps about then .... some stunning art quilts starting to appear, rotary cutters and mats were taking over from hand cutting, ..... I am hoping that in 2020 we will have a much more comfortable marriage between tradtional and art quilting, the new Electric Quilt versions will have a library filing system which works happily with both Windows and Mac, and we will have a sewing machine which takes a full reel of thread in the bobbin!
To make it perfect less emphasis on making quilts for competition and more on making comfortable and decorative items to live with, which ties in with the more comfortable marriage between art and traditional.

Judy B

Teaquilts said...

Thanks for the info on EQ. I am in the process of writing a lecture for my guild on computers, internet and quilting. This must be an omen as it was timed just right.

tich said...

I think we will all have tablets, instead of computers. The tablets will have a flip, touch-sensitive screen, so that it can be used like a laptop, or flat, for designing. Quilters will be able to design a quilt on the screen, using their fingertips. The quilt can be sized, just by running your finger across the screen. Blocks can be pulled in from a menu at the side, and if you want wonky blocks - no bother - just pull it with your finger. By pressing a button on the keyboard under the tablet, you will be able to get the templates, layout, fabric requirements and rotary layouts. If you have some extra cash, your material could be cut out for you, using the new wi-fi pattern cutting machine, kept in the garden shed (or, as it is now called, the Material Snip!) The tablet could also be used to design the quilting for this wonderful creation, and once the piecing has been done, the quilt could be layered and basted on another whizz machine and quilted to within an inch of its life. Sounds wonderful, or does it? I would love a tablet, and I love technology, but I also want to feel the satisfaction I get with the hands-on creation of making something with my own two hands.

Pat said...

I will go and read this article. I am a "baby" when it comes to quilting as I've only been doing it for about 4 or 5 years now. Hubby got me EQ5 a few years back and I haven't been able to master it and I need to make more of an attempt to do that, I believe. If not, then I will be lost in the technology of the quilting "future"!!!

Laura Bray said...

I know this sounds terribly old-fashioned, but I hope quilting and sewing and embroidery don't change too much. I'm such a nostalgic person and sewing is a great way to feel like I'm still connected to generations of women.