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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Zundt Designs - Fine Swiss Embroidery

Zundt Designs offers a variety of high quality machine embroidery designs.  I've found their designs to consistently stitch out with ease, create minimal jumps, and all  their designs are delightful designs.

Today I played with Zundt Designs "Feathers II" collection, focusing on a peacock feather design.  While I thought the recommended colors were an excellent choice, I had fun playing with different thread colors to help me select appropriate colors to stitch this design out on a light background, as well as a dark background.  My "test" stitchouts today were performed on inexpensive "tea towels", which I also enjoy giving away as gifts, and have found they make excellent filler items in gift baskets for charity fundraisers.

I always like to do test stitchouts and play with different threads & colors before I stitch out on my final project.   But I have learned that if I'm going to do a test stitchout I'd rather select something like a tea towel, tote bag, or other inexpensive item, that might become a gift or usable item, if the stitch out works.  But I do avoid using expensive items (e.g. high quailty jackets, shirts, linens, etc) if I haven't used the particular design previously. 

This "Feathers II" collection is a fairly new design set, which Zundt introduced at the IQF Long Beach Show.  There "Feathers I" collection is also a lovely set. 

Feathers 1 set:


After my successful "test" stitch outs of this Zundt Design, I like my thread color selection and now want to stitch this design out on a jacket, as well as a beautiful Pasmina Wrap from All About Blanks.

Zundt Designs can be purchased online at Zundtdesigns.com, as well as many quality stores that sell embroidery machines also sell Zundt Designs.   I'm sure you'll be happy with the quality and designs by Zundt Designs.