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Thursday, December 17, 2009

SewEzi Tables

While I've not used a SewEzi table this table looks like a lightweight portable sewing machine that would be great to take to classes, retreats, or on vacation. 

This table comes with a carrying case that has wheels and two handles making it easy to pull along.

The SewEzi table will work with most commercial sewing machines and has an insert that is custom for each model of machine.  To clarify, the SewEzi table comes with one insert and if you have other machines you can order extra inserts for a perfect fit with your SewEzi table for all of your machines.

Barbara Huthmacher, of Quilted Patches,will be at the upcoming Road to California quilt show, with a booth of SewEzi tables.  But, as they'd make great Christmas Gifts you may want to go online and order one for a gift, or for a gift for yourself!  http://www.seweziusa.com/

Quilted Patches
Barbara Huthmacher
Inyokern, CA 93527
And if you go to the Road To California Quilt Show, I hope you'll visit Barbara in booth #1313/1315 and take a look at these SewEzi table then!


If you have a SewEzi table I'd love to hear your thoughts about these tables too!


Anonymous said...

Two friends of mine each own one of these tables and loves them! They have inserts to fit your machine size as well. They roll too so it makes it real easy to haul in. Makes me wish for one of my own! I've seen them in action.

Needled Mom said...

I have one and just love it. I haven't thought about taking it to a class, but it is great for setting up anywhere. I use mine when I have sewing classes here and we need another sewing area.

Mimi said...

I just ordered one for my husband to give to me for Christmas!!! I have been to retreats where other ladies have been using them and it is so much better to be sewing ergonomically then setting your machine on a table at retreats. I can hardly wait for mine to come. I even ordered the insert so that I can use it as a light box. If you go to retreats, I think you would enjoy this table immensely.

Nedra said...

I have a sew-ezi and I love it! It's light weight, easy to transport, and I take it with me when I travel. It looks small, but it stands firm and doesn't bounce when I sew. When I am at classes or retreats, they provide a table space, and I use that for my cutting area.

Beena said...

I wish I had known about these before putting in my list to Santa. I could really use one of these for my upstairs bedroom. I don't have enough room for a table to sew up here, and this looks like the perfect solution...just sew and then stow!