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Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Projects with KittyKitty Designs

First, I apologize for not being able to capture better photographs to share.  Maybe Santa will bring me a new camera.  But I really wanted to share this with you, thus I'm opting to post this insight even though I do not have a great photograph.

When I do machine embroidery projects I like to do a "test" before I stitch out on my desired item.  At the same time, I like to assume that my test "might" be something that could be usable vs completely tossed.  Thus, I'm always looking for inexpensive items for my "test" projects with the thought that something might result as being usable.  In this case, my test stitchout was created on a very inexpensive tote bag from Target!  What you are seeing is the result of one of my test projects, but I had truly had planned to share insights with you on this designer with a better example.  Hymm..please forgive me.

KittyKitty Designs is a delightful design house for wonderful machine embroidery designs by Teriann Shrum.  My initial stitchout of her design I decided to "test" on an inexpensive tote from Target.  As this design stitched out so beautifully, I played with some embellishment and also lined the bag with holiday fabric, to make for a perfect gift "wrapping" for Christmas gift (and eventually be used as a holiday tote bag).

I found KittyKitty Designs to be high quality and easy to use.  Her "Mock Cathedral Window" design, which is what I've shown, is absolutely delightful.  I've previously posted about this design, using examples from other quilters who applied machine embroidery to their qult.  I was very pleased to see such great results by KittyKitty Designs.

Since my previous posts, KittyKitty Designs has added a "Mock Card Trick" design.  Card Trick has always been one of my favorite quilting designs, so I am very excited to see it as a machine embroidery design by KittyKitty Designs.  While I've not tested the Card Trick ME design, I'm confident it is a wonderful design that would be easy to stitch out.

In conclusion, I think KittyKitty Designs would help make delightful Christmas gifts, as well as giving a KittyKitty ME design (or gift certificate), would also be a wonderful gift.

For more info on this design or other Kitty Kitty Designs, check out:


Anonymous said...

:-D) Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm following you... well, not really, just in the "blog sense"... that other following stuff can be creepy...LOL!

Beena said...

I really like this design. After zooming in, I could see all the delicate rows of swirls behind the cathedral windows, which are so yummy!