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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sometimes The Best Gifts Come In Small Packages

I love "little" packages and I love items that help me organize.  When I learned about the ArtBin "Slimline" storage products my mind quickly started thinking of ideas for how this product would help me to organize quilting, sewing & embroidery enthusiasts.  And, I thought of how this product would make a perfect gift.

The ArtBin Slimline box is a lightweight product that is markedted as a perfect product  for storing pencils, makers, and small supplies.  I believe the Slimline box is a perfect product, and is offered at a very reasonable price.  I also have found it to be a perfect item to store rotary cutting blades, packets of sewing needles, and safety pins that I use to baste quilts.


This is a "must have" product for any quilting, sewing and embroidery enthusiast.  It is also an item that I believe is a great gift item, at a very reasonable price.


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