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Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Great Holiday Organizational Gift: Snapware Storage Products

Snapware products are one of my favorite organizational products.  I love their quality, how their design allows you to easily snap various stackable pieces together to meet the configuration you need, when you need it.  And how durable the SnapWare products are.  I also love the variety of sizes and styles that Snapware offers, to meet all my crafting and home storage needs.

I've had opportunities where I've gone on retreats and attended charity sew-cials, that I've felt better organized by being able to multi stack pices of various Snapware "Large" container storage units.  I've even found stacking 5 or 6 units together has been very easy to carry vs carrying multiple totes/bags (all carried under one durable handle).   And I can break down these storage units to carry one or two units, when that is all I need!  And, the remaining storage units continue to store items in my sewing room, without having to re-shuffle my home organization just because I've headed off to a retreat or workshop!

 Snapware has raised the bar for my expectations of organizational products.  I no longer look for a product that will help me "store", but one that allows me to:  store, stack, organize, and carry my projects to workshops & sew-cials.  I also expect that any organizational product I buy be one that is of high quality and can hold up to my demands, for long-term usage.

I've been impressed at the variety of Snapware products, and how versatile they are.  I recently spotted some delightful Snapware products that are marketed towards the benefits of storing Christmas decorations.  I'm confident these products are a great value for storing Christmas decorations.  This particular seasonal product is currently offered at JoAnns for an exceptional price.  And while I highly recommend this product to store Christmas items, I also feel this is an item that would make an exception Christmas gift (or keep for yourself).  Thus, I wanted to share insights with you about how I've been using Snapware products.

You can see all the Snapware products at their website: http://www.snapware.com/


Snapware Products are available for purchase online at Organize.com

And you can find various Snapware products at retail stores, such as JoAnns or Michaels.  But I have found the best selection of Snapware products are available online at Organize.com

I recommend Snapware Products with utmost confidence.  These produts are high quality and great design.  They'll also make a delightful Christmas gift for your friends that are sewing, quilting & embroidery enthusasists.  Many of their products are also perfect for storing kids items, household items and even storing items in the trunk of your car!  And, I'm so happy to see that Snapware has created some products to help us all store Christmas decorations! 

If you have any Snapware Products, please let me know how you use them to organize your life!


Barb said...

Those do look like they would make life alittle bit easier!!

Goosegirl said...

I have not used them for fabric and notions but it is a great idea. We have them for our Christmas tree Ornaments and they do keep them organized and protected. The only problem we have run into is that if they plastic gets too cold, it breaks. We keep our Snapware ornament boxes in the storage area under our house. When we bring them up to decorate, we have opened them up right away, and the "snaps" snap off. But if we let them warm up a bit to the house temperature, they are fine.
However, using them for my fabric and notions would not have this problem since they are kept in the house.
Thank you for the idea.