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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

ArtBin Super Satchel Series

I love products that will help me organize in my sewing room, as well as help me for carry projects and/or supplies to various workshops, classes and/or sew-cials.  And, when I find a product(s) that help in both areas I am elated, as I know it will also help me with overall storage matters, as I have a limited space for sewing and storage.   But no matter what, I want products that offer high quality, as I tend to overpack and I want to know the storage products I use can endure my standards.  

I'm very impressed with the design and quality of the ArtBin products, and love their "Super Satchel Series" products. I find them to be an exceptional value for storing and for the ability to carry projects and/or supplies to such activities as workshops, retreats and/or sew-cials.

ArtBin currently has a sale for many of their products, including their "Super Satchel Series"  via their online store, so I want to share insighst with you now.  And I will later share insights with you to show more specifics on how I use these products for quilting, sewing & embroidery activities.

I do believe all the ArtBin Super Satchel products are an exceptional value and perfect for the quilting, sewing, embroidery enthusiast who wants quality products to help organize at home, as well as products that will allow them the ability to carry projects to workshops and/or sew-cials.

Before I share insights on specific models in the Super Satchel Series, I want to share insights on some features that I find make the ArtBin Super Satchel Series' products so wonderful.

I find all of the ArtBin products to be of high quality and durability.  The Super Satchel series also provides comfortable handles that will fold flat, against the satchel, when the satchel is not being carried.

The ArtBin SuperSatchel products are easily stacked, for storage.  I love how I can store my projects/supplies in my sewing room, yet also use the "same" storage to take my project/supplies with me when I attend a workshop/sew-cial.  Thus, I view these high quality products to be multi-purpose and I find them easy to transport!

There are many products in the ArtBin Super Satchel Series, but I want to share insights with you on a few of the products in this series.

Deluxe Super Satchel #6982AB
This delightful satchel provides multiple storage compartments including a deep storage area, perfect for projects, a shallow storage area, perfect for supplies, and two side bin storage area that are perfect for bobbins, and other project supplies.   This is the James Bond tool for quilting, sewing, and embroidery enthusiasts.  A "must have" product!

Deep Super Satchel #9001AB
This satchel has six deep compartments and I find it a perfect satchel for a large variety of uses.  It is a great tool to carry small projects and MANY supplies to a workshop/sew-cial, as well as storing various accessories and organizing your crafting room. I could certainly fill many of these satchels in my sewing room with accessories and smal projects, and know that I'd always be ready to carry a project off to a sew-cial.

Deep Super Satchel #9000AB
One Compartment
This satchel is perfect for so many quilting, sewing  & embroidery projects.  I love how it can keep my project, supplies, instructions all grouped together. This is a must have item.  It is also one of my favorite gifts, as I love to introduce others to the ArtBin Super Satchel Series. 

Super Satchel Threadbox #9002AB
This delightful satchel includes 2 removable thread trays, should you want to use this satchel as a single compartment storage/tote.  The two spool trays offer a combined total of 104 pegs offers the capacity to hold (224) 20mm spools, (108) 32mm spools, or (30)  45mm spools.  While I've used many thread storage products, I've never found one that is as high quality and versatile as the ArtBin Super Satchel Threadbox.  This is definitely a must have product for any quilting, sewing and/or embroidery enthusiast. 

Super Satchel Deluxe #6980AB
This satchel is an amazing product, that I view is another great James Bond type of product for quilting, sewing and/or embroidery enthusiasts.  It is four boxes in one, with a major storage area for a main project, larger size storage area for supplies, and two side compartments perfect for bobbins & accessories.  A wonderful product to store and/or transport your projects to workshops and/or sew-cials.

The Double Deep Super Satchel #6990AB
This delightful super satchel provides great flexibility.  It  offers one main storage area that can be turned into up to 8 separate compartments!  The 15.22 x 14.16 x 6.23 inches certainly makes this design the most flexible storage/tote that I've ever seen!  And the price is amazing for the value of this product. 

Super Satchel Cube
# 6855SC

While I've not used the Super Satchel Cube, I think the design is worth noting while I share insights onsome of the ArtBin Super Satchel Series products.  The Super Satchel Cube comes with 6 sets of rails which allows you to store both slim, deep, and double deep Super Satchel Boxes.  

These Super Satchel Series products are amazing and a great value.  And there are more in the series than I've shared in this post.  To see more of the ArtBin Super Satchel Series products, or other Artbin products go to:  http://craft.artbin.com/quiltnsew_supersatchels.asp

But I do want to point out that ArtBin's sale for the Super Satchel Series is currently available via the ArtBin online store thru the end of November.  While regular prices are an excellent value, this sale is something you don't want to miss. 


Again, I am truly delighted with all of the ArtBin Super Satchel Series products.  I think you'll love them too.  And, these satchels will make delightful Christmas gifts.


Beena said...

I have one of these, and I love it!
I didn't realize they had so many other products!

Mary said...

I'm a big fan of these for keeping UFOs together and for transporting blocks and strips to sewing retreats. Our local JoAnn Fabrics sells them, so I always wait until I have a 40 or 50% off coupon - that way I can pick them up at a really great price.