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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

ArtBin Bobbin Boxes

ArtBin is the manufacturer of my favorite bobbin box.  It holds up to 30 bobbins, or other supplies.  It is made of a translucent polypropylene to easily view what is inside.  I've also enjoyed that this box is very durable, making it a perfect product to be taken to workshops & sew-cials.

I also recommend having a separate bobbin box for different types of threads:  100% cotton, machine embroidery, etc.

ArtBin also offers this product for purchase online, at a very reasonable price.  Therefore I view this is also an excellent stocking stuffer, or gift for your quilting friends.  I strongly recommend the ArtBin Bobbin Box.

For insights on other ArtBin products check out:  http://craft.artbin.com/

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