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Monday, October 19, 2009

Southern California Spooktacular

There are a lot of fun Spooktacular activites in Southern California right now.  I'm aware of Disneyland, LegoLand, and Sea World festivities, all with a spooky Halloween theme.  And I know there are many haunted houses and other activities going on.  But I only know of one that has quilts involved. 

This week I had the pleasure of a fantastic docent led tour of the Whaley House in Old Town San Diego.

Thomas Whaley constructed this house in 1857.  The Whaley family were merchants, with a store in San Francisco, and they had a store, on the ground floor of their home in San Diego.  Unfortunately, this home was built on top of an area where people were hung!  This, combined with a few other deaths that happened after the house was built, as cumulated in a situation where there have been several ghost sitings inside of the Whaley house over the years.  Makes for a perfect Spooktacular.

Plus, those that love quilts, you can see some delightful antique quilts when you tour the Whaley House.

I hope you can have a chance to visit the Whaley House this Halloween season.  And if you are not able to do so, I hope when you do come to San Diego you'll get a chance to tour Old Town San Diego and go see the Whaley House.  It is fun to search for ghosts, as well as enjoy the beautiful antique quilts they have on display.

Whaley House
2476 San Diego Avenue
San Diego, CA 

If you know of any other spooktacular places to visit this Halloween season, please share your insights by posting a comment.  And, it would even be more delightful if these haunts have quilts involved.

But either way, do remember ghosts love to cuddle up with beautiful quilts.  So do keep your eyes open to look for signs that ghosts are admiring (and hopefully snuggling with) your beautiful quilts.  I'm pretty sure  spotted a family of ghosts on this delightful quilt!

Hope you have a Spooktacular Halloween!


CJ said...

I just came home from southern CA and we did experience the SPOOKTACULAR events at Disneyland. The fireworks show is AMAZING!!! I am not into the ghosts and ghouls and goblins of Halloween though - just the pumpkins,candy corn and pretty leaves of the season.
P.S. I did MILES of walking last week at Disneyland, since we had no car and stayed down the street a ways!

Barb said...

Love the old quilts and historical facts behind the house!!

fiberdoodles said...

This sounds so interesting and the quilts are amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this :)

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh - those quilts are absolutely lovely!

Thank you for your kind words on my machine embroidered pouch. Just in case you might want to get the design, it is from Zundt Designs.

Cynthia said...

Love the old quilts!