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Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Have you ever attended QuiltCampus
I was interested in learning about QuiltCampus and how it might help me build on my quilting skills, while providing me flexibility of taking classes and/or workshops at home, and at my leisure.
I’ve learned that QuiltCampus offers a variety of online classes and workshops. Classes are offered online from well known teachers and have detailed instructions, all for a nominal fee. Many workshops are free, with simple instructions on a particular project. Students have the ability to interact with their teachers and other students through an online forum, as well as sharing photos via the gallery. For more insight on how these classes and/or workshops are run click here
I am currently taking a workshop with QuiltCampus for their “Star Table Runner".  Paper Piecing designs that QuiltCampus offers, including their “Star Table Runner” and also their “Blooming Lone Star Table Topper”. This workshop is currently at week 7 of a 14 week workshop! But I believe each week’s activities are simple, enabling a pace where most quilters shouldn’t have a problem keeping up. 

{photo shown is of their Star Table Topper Class".

I have found the Star Table Runner online workshop to be well organized and easy to follow. Each week I receive an email message to let me know a new step has been posted online, where it will be accessible for four weeks. This four week window is plenty of time to complete a step, but it is best to keep up with the weekly assignments and complete the project….but if you do fall behind, all instructions remain online for four weeks after the workshop has been completed.
For this workshop, a new step was posted online each week and the instructions would remain online for four weeks. The workshop is still on-going, with four more steps (weeks) to go, before we finish our Blooming Lone Stars Table Runner. But I wanted to share insights with you now about this workshop, QuiltCampus, as well as some upcoming classes at QuiltCampus.

I've found the weekly instructions to be well written and the overall workshop has an easy pace.
I am enjoying this workshop very much. Can't wait to finish my "Blooming Lone Stars Table Runner". But as I was enjoying this workshop so much, I wanted to share insights with you.  I am thinking about taking their machine quilting class, next.  If I do, I'll definitely share my insights with you on how the class vs workshop goes.

Again, I've found QuiltCampus to have a delightful place for on-line learning. I recommend you give them a try soon!
Upcoming classes include:

Freezer Paper Applique class starts October 31st.

Machine Quilting - Mastering the basics starts November 7th.

Folded Fabric Blocks Bag - starts November 7th.

For a complete list of their current workshops click here

Be sure to visit the QuiltCampus website and sign up for their newsletter, where you'll also hear insights on new classes as they are added to their class schedule.



Micki said...

Yes, they are very good! Thanks for telling us about some of the upcoming classes.

Fairy Footprints said...

I love your blog, its wonderful to meet you. Thank you for stopping by today to visit me. Have a wonderful week.


Barb said...

I would love to do that...but finding the time is the next hurdle to jump