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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Embelishment Potpourri

"Embellishment Potpourri", by Elaine A. Waldschmitt is a must have book for anyone that enjoys quilting, sewing, or embellishing pre-bought items.  This delight book provides insights on embellishment with fabric, threads & fibres, buttons, beads & glitz. 

This book is well written and organized in chapters that focus on: 
  • Embellishment with Fabric, which provides insights on wavy pleats, perfect prairie points, knotted ties, and imperfect pleants
  • Embellishment with Threads and fibers, which provides insights on tufted stitches, triple play, thread potpourri and couching
  • Embellishment with Buttons, Beads, and Glitz. 
  • Pattern Gallery
This book provides an excellent source of visual examples as well as well written instructions on "how to".   I found this book inspirational and highly recommend it as a "must have" book for your library colleciton.

It would be difficult to pick my favorite inspiration from this book.  I'm not sure if my next project will include learnings from "Imperfect Pleats", "Wavy Pleats", "Triple Play", or a variety of the insights provided in this book.  They are all just delightful.

If you already have a copy of this book, I want to point out that this book would also make a delightful gift item.  {hint, hint}.  And, inside of this book, there is a reference to "Glitz It With Glitter", by Elaine Waldeschmitt.  I've enjoyed "Embellishment Potpourri" so much, I have added "Glitz It With Glitter" to my Christmas Wish List.

You should be able to find a copy of this delightful book in your local quilting store, and it is also available for purchase online through The Quilted Closet.


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