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Monday, October 27, 2014

Remarkable Rectangles, by Robert DeCarli's

Robert DeCarli's first life was as a math professor at a Catholic girls college in Buffalo, New York. He moved on to function as an engineer at Lockheed Martin in Valley Forge, all the while continuing to teach math at local colleges. In 1992, his wife, Kathleen, asked for help in making a quilt for their daughter's wedding. She showed him how to make a four-patch unit, and he was hooked. As a mathematician, the seemingly endless number of patterns fascinated him. He has designed blocks and quilts since 1993, receiving a ribbon at the Vermont Quilt Festival and a blue ribbon at the Pennsylvania Quilt Extravaganza for "Butterfly."
He discovered Electric Quilt in 2005 (in fact, he used EQ5 to design his prizewinning "Butterfly"), and has since designed more than 1,000 quilts and blocks, including block and quilt settings for his wife's appliquÈ projects. His primary interest, besides teaching, is designing various sizes of interlocking Log Cabin designs. In each area, the number of possibilities knows no limits, but he pursues them one at a time.

Have you ever marveled at the design impact of a woven coverlet? Now you can make graphically stunning quilts featuring similar designs. Let strip sets do the work!
  • Choose from an astonishing array of 15 unique quilt patterns inspired by traditional coverlet designs
  • Construct quilts from simple strip sets that are crosscut to yield the individual columns used to build each block
  • Stitch bold designs with the appearance of curves and diamonds, all made using only rectangles and squares


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