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Monday, June 10, 2013

New Classes at Craftsy

I was checking out the new classes at Craftsy and became excited about some of them and decided to share with you.

For those that enjoy Machine Embroidery, I'm really excited to see Craftsy expanding their class offerings (and blog articles too) to cover machine embroidery.  They have a new class by Cookie Gaynor for digitizing your own designs.  While you may not have software to digitize, or you may have different software than what Cookie uses in this class, for the price, SewCalGal thinks this is a great opportunity for those interested in learning to digitize.   I'm certainly wanting to sign up and take this class this summer.

Click the images for any of these classes, for more info.

digitizing machine embroidery designs
Strip Your Stash with Nancy Smith looks like a fun class at a great value.  Insights are shared on color matching, as well as "six" quilt patterns are shared and you have an expert instructor to walk you thru each of them.  Sounds like a great way to burn thru your stash this summer and have fun learning too!
  strip your stash 2
Machine Quilting Home Sweet Home is another great opportunity for those interested in learning to free-motion quilt their projects, as well as those that have experience but want to learn new designs by an FMQ Expert.
  machine quilting with frieda anderson
Craftsy has many other new classes too.  If you haven't yet taken a class at Craftsy, SewCalGal highly encourages you to give them a try. Their classes are extremely reasonably priced, great teachers, well organized and structured to where you can complete the class on your own schedule and repeat it whenever you want for free too!  Plus they have many FREE classes too!

Like many of us, SewCalGal is going to be busy this summer.  But, the classes at Craftsy are flexible to work with a busy schedule so I'm definitely going to be spending time attending Craftsy classes this summer!

Do you have a class at Craftsy to recommend to others?  I've been focusing on taking all of their classes on free-motion quilting, but recently started taking some of their piecing classes. And, I'm definitely wanting to take this new machine embroidery digitizing class this summer.

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1 comment:

suemac said...

I am enjoying my Craftsy classes so far. You get a lot of information for the money.