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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

You Are Invited To Help Celebrate the 35th Anniversary of Quilt In A Day with Eleanor Burns

Has it already been 35 years?


Yes, Quilt in a Day is celebrating their 35th Anniversary!  And, SewCalGal has a way for Quilter's all over the world to help celebrate and "surprise" Eleanor and the QIAD team!

happy 35th Anniversary To Quilt In A Day

For 35 years Eleanor and the QIAD team has been helping to make our world of quilting fun.  There have been great patterns, books, rulers and entertainment that have taught many of us, and inspired most of us.  And an amazing amount of humor and fun!  


And, SewCalGal wants to let you know of a "secret" way you can help recognize Eleanor and the Quilt in a Day Team.

For those living in Southern California, consider attending the QIAD Anniversary Celebration on Saturday, October 19th.

attend the QIAD party

For those that do not live nearby, or are unable to attend this celebration, consider sending a card to Eleanor and the QIAD team to congratulation them.

help celebrate by sending a card to QIAD

If you anticipate your card not arriving prior to the 19th, feel free to send your card directly to Eleanor (same address as above just mark it "attn: Eleanor").   And, for those lucky ducks attending Quilt Market or Festival, if you get a chance please congratulate Eleanor on 35 years when you see her.

While the content in this blog has a copyright, for this particular post if you would like to copy all, or part, to share with others you are certainly welcome to do so.  The more quilters, from around the world that hear about this, may help to surprise Eleanor and the QIAD team and let them know how much they are loved.  SewCalGal truly appreciates all PR Angels and a firm believe it also brings you good kharma!   

Don't forget - Please keep this a secret to the QIAD team until the Celebration party on October 19th!


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Jocelyn said...

SewCalGal, this is a wonderful idea!! My quilting really took off when I learned Eleanor's Quilt in a Day technique 25 years ago! Thanks for encouraging people to honor her contribution to the quilting world.

Bonnie said...

I still have the quilt I made in a class with Eleanor at the Fabric Patch in Upland, Ca (now in Montclair, Ca if I remember correctly.). It was 1982 and we didn't know as much as we do now! I can still remember crawling around the floor of my living room about 9 months pregnant tying my log cabin quilt. Fun memories. Thanks for the suggestion to send her a card.

Library Gal Quilts said...

I am such a fan of Eleanor Burns! She just is a great person and inspiration. I am sending her a card today! thanks so much! Pam

Barb said...

So fun!! Love your new header!

Ivory Spring said...

OH my goodness - what an accomplishment!!!!

Love the new look on your blog too!

Anonymous said...

I was at her anniversary event! :) I just blogged about her class we took in her home in Julian, it was a log cabin wallhanging we worked on! :) I will blog and post pictures about her celebration soon!
Thanks for sharing!